Whether a supplier or retailer, you’ll always have the upper hand

Quara Pay seamlessly connects businesses through a secure and user-friendly digital wallet, accompanied with a distinct portal. That’s right, whether you are a supplier or retailer, you get a complete digital wallet and portal, that not only enables you to complete transactions, but also, benefit from big data analytics and personalized marketing schemes


As a Supplier you can

Collect Payments from your Customers

Quara Pay enables real-time settlement of payments from Customers

Seamlessly Offer Cashbacks

Reliable tool for suppliers to offer rewards (cashback) to retailers to increase loyalty and lifetime value

Manage Campaigns

Quara Pay enables data-driven campaigns & promotions, notified directly to selected retailers

Reconcile Invoices & Payments

Automated reconciliation for digital invoices Paper invoices are transformed to digital invoices via invoice link or QR code on paper invoice

Quara Pay App


Collect Payments Easily

Suppliers can easily send payment requests to customers to collect money digitally


Review All Transactions Instantly

You can view all transactions, all past transactions and everything pending


Transfer Money Within the Business

You can easily transfer money between agents working in the same branch or business


Cashbacks and Promotions

You can view all earned cashbacks and current running promotions

Quara Business Portal


Manage Agents

Businesses can easily manage their agents and assign them different permissions.


Review Transactions

Business managers have full oversight over all agent transactions.


Review Payment Requests

Business managers can review all payment requests for all customers.


Cash Withdrawl

Agents with the appropriate permissions can initiate transfers to the business bank account.